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HTHT is about a trio of magical girls defending the world from interdimensional invaders.
It has concluded.
If you like HTHT, you might like Elcenia, my fantasy series.

HTHT is pretty much rated for general audiences throughout, as long as those general audiences can deal with the sophisticated vocabulary and some emotional intensity. The same is not true of these links. A number of them include strong langauge, extreme violence, sexual content, alternative lifestyles, and other things that would not be ideal to show to your six-year-old child or your fundamentalist neighbor. Welcome to the Internet. The links range in severity from "I'd show this to my most squeamish uptight devout Mormon friend" to "I considered not publicly admitting that I read this", but you may or may not agree with my ratings, and not every cell will have items on each end of that spectrum. It's the Internet; you know the drill.

I read a ridiculous number of comics and blogs and serial fiction projects and and whatnot. I am not linking to all of them here, because that would be outrageous. I'm only including the ones that I like very much, have been keeping up with for a while, and consider to be genuinely high-quality (not just something that tickles my idiosyncratic fancy). I am linking to some things that no longer update. Apart from the category divisions, these are in no special order.

More Alicorn

Luminosity is an AU Twilight fanfiction project. It's better than it sounds.

Elcenia is a fantasy series in progress.

Improvisational Soup is my food blog, which focuses on easily variable "recipes" that often call for no specific measurements at all. All of the food I describe there conforms to my own pescetarian diet ("pescetarian" means vegetarian plus I pretend fish are plants).

Ensorcel is an interrupted, presumed dead, spellpunk webcomic that I wrote and my little sister Hoseki illustrated. She ditched the project and presently has no intention of returning to it, but the archives (and our witty commentary interchanges) remain visible.

Syzygy is an interrupted, presumed dead, fantasy webcomic that I wrote and drew until a backup failure resulted in the temporary loss of the files. My subsequent emotional break from the story meant that even after the images were recovered, I did not pick it up again, but the storyline and a half that were completed are available.


A Magical Roommate, by the same author as To Prevent World Peace, is by a personal friend, and is about a girl from a fantasy world who is obliged to attend college on Earth.

Bardsworth is about a boy from Earth who is invited to attend college in a fantasy world.

Basic Instructions will tell you how to live your life.

The Order of the Stick is about a D&D adventuring party who are aware of the game mechanics that govern their lives.

Dinosaur Comics is about some dinosaurs and has remarkably consistent artwork.

Dreamless is a beautifully illustrated comic about two people who see through each other's eyes when asleep. It has ended.

Erfworld is about an Earth native whose roleplaying game skills make him a warlord in a suspiciously gamelike world.

Flaky Pastry is about a goblin, a cat-eared individual, and an elf who are roommates, and who witness and participate in an assortment of wacky happenings.

Goblins is a gaming comic told from the perspective of the standard-issue villains in most D&D campaigns.

Gunnerkrigg Court is of uncertain genre, and concerns the explorations and revelations of one Antimony Carver.

Khaos Komix is a multi-threaded romance consisting almost entirely of alternative-sexuality characters.

Lackadaisy Cats is a marvelously drawn comic set during Prohibition, and also, everyone is a cat.

Ozy and Millie, by the same author as Raine Dog, is a cute comic in a furry world about a Zen arctic fox boy and spastic nonarctic fox girl who are best friends.

Questionable Content contains comparatively little questionable content, and is a slice of life about some friends and their tiny robots.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal updates frequently; the humor is lowbrow, the topics run the gamut.

Skin Deep is a richly illustrated group of stories about mythical creatures who hide in plain sight.

Skin Horse is about a team of government agents including a talking dog, a zombie, and a transvestite.

Something Positive is a slice of life with a unique ratio of snark to gelatinous cat. Its sibling comics (available from the same site) are also recommended.

To Prevent World Peace, by the same author as A Magical Roommate, is about villains trying to protect the world from overpowered and overzealous magical girls.

Subnormality defies description, but it has the Sphinx in it.

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic is about the doings of dungeon denizens, from goblins and orcs to beholders and drow.

xkcd is a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

Casey and Andy has ended, and is about mad scientist roommates who periodically die.

Minus no longer updates, and is about a little girl who, interestingly enough, is omnipotent.

Negative One is by a personal friend, and is about a number of characters trying to get along in the world despite variously fantastical interferences.

Get Medieval is about aliens who crash-land on Earth during medieval times. It has ended, but it's running old strips with commentary now.

Narbonic has ended, but was about a mad scientist, as well as her employees, test subjects, rivals, and casualties.

One Over Zero has ended, and was a relentlessly self-referential comic with considerable philosophical depth.


Less Wrong is a community blog devoted to refining the art of human rationality. I am an active poster here.

Fugitivus is the blog of a feminist and abuse victim who writes with eloquence against various prejudices.

Futility Closet updates with brief puzzles, linguistic tidbits, and philosophical questions.

Mind Your Decisions is a game theory blog.

Not Always Right is a repository of entertaining customer service dialogues.

One Sentence is an archive of poignant single-setence anecdotes.

Paul Graham writes essays on geeky subjects such as education and startup companies.

Tailsteak, also the creator of One Over Zero, intermittently updates with several webcomics, artwork, and other small items.

Violent Acres is like you, but with poor impulse control.

ZooBorns updates with pictures of infant zoo animals.


Pilots is a science fiction serial about the origin and development of a transportation technology.

Andy Weir's Writing hosts prose by the same author behind Casey and Andy.

Tales of MU is a fantasy serial about a polyamorous half-demon in a university setting.

More Tales of MU is a parallel to Tales of MU about a slightly less polyamorous fellow student of the half-demon.

Fantasy in Miniature is a repository of flash fiction by the same author as Tales of MU and More Tales of MU.

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