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HTHT is about a trio of magical girls defending the world from interdimensional invaders.
It has concluded.
If you like HTHT, you might like Elcenia, my fantasy series.

Hi to Tsuki to Hoshi no Tama (which is Japanese for "Beads of the Sun and Moon and Stars", and which is typically shortened to HTHT) is a fantasy webcomic about magical girls who defend the Earth from extradimensional invaders with the help of magical bead monsters and other extradimensional creatures called pagets. The details about the cast are available here. A summary of the major plot developments so far is available here, but you can also read the entire story extant starting here.

The idea for HTHT was originally going to be a collaboration between myself and my friend Emily Martha Sorensen of A Magical Roommate and To Prevent World Peace. Creative differences led us to believe that collaborating was not, in fact, a good idea. We each peeled off parts of the concept and went our separate ways with them. Most of the original plan is unfolding here in HTHT. You can see the earliest character design artwork for Kristi, Rowan, and Susie here.

HTHT started on March 1, 2007, and has updated every Thursday since. Originally hosted on Comicgenesis, it moved to a subdomain of Elcenia in fall 2009. The old site is still visible, but will not continue to update. HTHT is licensed under a Creative Commons License, under which you may freely redistribute the comics or publish derivative works as long as you obey the terms of license. (Briefly, these are: credit and link me as the original creator; don't make any money off of it; and keep the same sort of license on anything new you make out of HTHT.) Should you choose to create derivative works, I'll be happy to host them for you (with the link of your choice) in the Fanworks section. If you are interested in producing a translation of HTHT, I can provide artwork without the speech bubbles for you to work with; just contact me.

HTHT's sole artist, writer, and site designer is me. I'm Alicorn. Hi. I use the same screen name most places, so if you've encountered other Alicorns, there's a good chance we are one and the same, but I'm not the only person who uses the name. You may wish, therefore, to check before equating me and any Alicorn elsewhere. I have a Livejournal, in which I discuss, almost exclusively, things unrelated to HTHT. My other projects have links to them at the links page.

I was born in 1988, I'm female, and I have a variety of tiny jobs that jointly don't require me to leave my house more than once a week (yay!). In my spare time, I like reading, writing, drawing, satisfying my extroversion with an 85% electronic social life, cooking (on which topic I have a blog), and wasting spending time on the Internet. I'm a pescetarian, an atheist, a geek, a lover of show tunes, and politically liberal.

Creative Commons License
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